House thread
The main characteristic of house woodcarving is its large scale. It is performed using a simple tool: an ax, chisel and saw. Conifer wood is used.

Wood carving for decorating houses was well developed more than five centuries ago. In the north of Russia, the most ancient wooden buildings decorated with carvings have been preserved. Many wooden carved houses are found in the Volga region.

Many researchers believe that the art of decorating residential buildings with carvings was transferred from shipbuilding. Often house and ship carving means by themselves the same thing. Household carving is divided into volume, relief and slotted.

Probably the first volumetric carvings were decorated bow of the ships. They were attended by figures of birds, horses, deer. Relief carving adorns the gables of houses, windows, trim. Printed view appeared in the 19th century. Openwork decorations were cut out with a jigsaw and decorated houses, railings, entrances to the premises.