Flat and relief carving
Flat carving is also very common. Its distinctive feature is the ornament of the same height. Often the compositions are created by a simple pattern: geometric shapes, leaves of plants, images of animals and birds.

Woodcarving of this type will require a master of perseverance, rich imagination and a variety of tools: knives, chisels, chisels, scrapers, rasps, etc.

This type of thread is distinguished by subspecies:

  • pillow background;
  • matched background;
  • contoured contour.
In the relief carving, the drawing stands out markedly against the general background. In this form, almost no flat surfaces. The pattern contains points of different heights and shapes. Relief carvings decorate furniture, walls, make elegant panels.

Relief woodcarving is divided into two subspecies: bas-relief and high-relief. For carving choose solid wood: oak, beech, cedar, fir.